May 18, 2009

"Samantha Who?" and "Sarah Connor" Canceled

ABC's "Samantha Who?" and Fox's "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" will not be returning in the fall, according to news reports.

"Samantha Who?," starring Christina Applegate, was originally expected to return to the ABC lineup, but was unable to tighten its budget enough to come back for what would have been the show's third season.

According to Variety, ABC looked to cut around $500,000 by making several changes including switching from single camera shooting to using multiple cameras. The series, however, became less of a priority after ABC picked up 10 new series. Although "Samantha" showed great promise on Mondays, it began to falter when it switched to ABC's Thursday night lineup.

Twitterers were caught by surprise after the announcement:

  1. Lauren Kraul
    kraulspace @pamelaribon My condolences. My mom and I bonded (not in a matching red jacket way) over Samantha Who? Nothing else makes us both laugh.
  2. Amanda Bedgood
    amandabedgood @AccentOnLife say is isn't so of Samantha Who? Such a cute show!
  3. voyage2k
    voyage2k @EWPopWatch That's really stupid! Samantha Who? was a very clever and funny show! :(

Fox's "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" also suffered a similar fate. Although the show had promising numbers in its Monday time slot, the viewership fell after it was moved mid-season to Fridays.

Both "Dollhouse" and "Sarah Connor" were up in the air for third season renewals and Fox ultimately felt "Dollhouse" was the best bet, giving it a renewal, according to TV Guide.

Even with "Terminator Salvation" due out in theaters this summer, Fox said buzz for the movie will not bring the show back. The show "has completed its run — and I think it had a nice little run," Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly said in the article. "We make no apologies. It had a huge launch ... and we gave it a lot of support. We tried, but it's time to move on."

Twitterers shared their disappointment:

  1. Anon Ymous
    in_wausau Very sad The Sarah conner chronicals is cancelled. Stupid fox!
  2. Melissa Gero
    creativemelissa Terminator: the sarah connor chronicals has been cancelled for the Fall. I'm sad.
  3. KimberlyP
    KimberlyP I officially loathe FOX. First Firefly, now Sarah Connor Chronicals canceled. *sob*
  4. Mark Keenan
    scorpiotn1 Terminator Sarah Conner Chronicals has been canceled, Screw you FOX i hate you now !!
  5. Susana
    via @addthis My hubby will be upset, he love "the Sarah Connor Chronicals"

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